About us

When you think about project specifications and conforming tenders all you get is a set of rules that confine fabricators to tender to what has been specified, we are all about change and change request for a better solution. What we offer at  Innovative Steel Solutions is ways how you can provide alternative smart solutions for steel required for your project with the added advantage of value-add, cost benefits and above all weight reductions. 

Together with local storage and local processing support we are capable of supporting structural steel fabricators with high quality, reliable and cost effective steel supply solutions. 

  • AS/NZS 3678:2016 for Hot Rolled Plate Products 

  • AS/NZS 3679.2:2016 for Welded Beams Products

  • ACRS certification for Hot Rolled Plate & Welded Beams

  • All welding to AS1554.1 SP and to AS1554.5 (Optional)

  • All Fabrication to AS4100

  • All Welded Beams are tested in accordance to AS3679.2

We have supported several fabricators across Australia & New Zealand with smart alternative solutions where we have custom built Welded Beams with dissimilar flanges, transition joints, tapered sections, castellated webs, cell form webs or even goose neck solutions that would not be available via conventional options.

At Innovative Steel Solutions we pride ourselves at delivering some of the smartest solutions for steel structures along with 100% Australian Standards compliance with ACRS certification. To add to this we offer some of the fastest turnarounds in the industry with competitive prices to render our customers & partners a win-win solutions.

Heavy Welded Beams for High Rise Buildings

The Team

 Chandra Pichai - General Manager

Chandra is a management professional with extensive experience demonstrating achievements and   expertise encompassing all facets of operations management, business development and generalist   functions. Visionary leadership and business expertise to spearhead planning and execution of start-up   and established operations to drive overall financial performance.


  Chandra has been in the Ceramics industry for over 20 years across India, New Zealand & Australia.   Chandra has been in senior management roles with key customer focus and building   relationships with   key stake holders across the board. 


  Chandra brings a wealth of experience and expertise in developing our marketing strategy and increasing   our market reach and coupled with our product backing and advantages of service we believe that Chandra   will lead the way in increasing our market share in Australia as the General Manager of this business unit.


Head Office Australia:

114 Endeavour Way,

Sunshine West, Victoria,

Australia - VIC 3020

PH: 03 9315 2937

Email: admin@innovativesteel.com.au  

For all urgent assistance please contact:

Chandra Pichai - General Manager

PH: +61 470 319 907

Email: chandra@innovativesteel.com.au

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