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About Us

When you think about project specifications and conforming tenders, you get a set of rules that confine fabricators. At Innovative Steel Solutions, we are all about change and allowing fabricators to tender with freedom. We offer our customer's end-to-end support, fast turnarounds, cost benefits, and above all, weight reductions.
We have supported several fabricators across Australia with intelligent solutions such as custom-built Welded Beams with dissimilar flanges, transition joints, tapered sections, castellated webs, cell form webs, or gooseneck solutions. These solutions would not be available via conventional options.
Sustainability and quality in steel manufacturing are essential values. We only work with steel mills that comply with the following scheme rules; AS/NZ grade, ACRS certification, ISO certified, ResponsibleSteel™, World Steel Association & EPD members.

Competitive advantages in the industry

  • AS/NZS 3678:2016 for Hot Rolled Plate Products 

  • AS/NZS 3679.2:2016 for Welded Beams Products

  • ACRS certification for Hot Rolled Plate & Welded Beams

  • All welding to AS1554.1 SP and AS1554.5 (Optional)

  • All Fabrication to AS4100

  • All Welded Beams are tested following AS3679.2 standards

Our product scheme rules

Market specialisation
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Mining Sector
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Structural Steel Construction
Stadium Construction
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Marine & Civil
Green Roofs
Vision & Mission 

Our vision is to establish our business as one of the leaders in the industry for supplying entirely sustainable and eco-friendly steel solutions.


Our mission is to provide fabricators and engineers with the most innovative steel solutions in Australia.

Vision & Mission
Key Market Solutions
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Early Engagement

We provide steel solutions from the beginning of your project

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Economic Solutions

We provide our customers with the most economical solutions based on the current market growth and opportunity.

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Innovative Products

We provide innovative products to assist with your projects

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Eco-Friendly Solutions

We provide our customers with products that meet strict Environmentally Sustainable rules

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Australian Standards 

We supply and conform to AS/NZ grade steel and ACRS certified products.

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Environmental Compliance

We source and supply products that have EPD, WSTA & CAC certifications

How we support sustainable steel

Once steel is produced, it becomes a sustainable material because it can be recycled and reused forever. Steel can be recycled infinite times with NO downgrading in quality, making it one of the earth's most sustainably qualitative metals.


Sustainable steel is essential to the steel industry because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint & natural resource usage. Steel can only be sustainable if it is recycled, reused and appropriately manufactured.

That is why at Innovative Steel Solutions, we purchase scrap metal and supply it to local steel mills to manufacture sustainable steel products to help implement in the market green steel.

Benefits of producing sustainable steel


Recycled Steel Used


Energy Saved


E.A.F Usage
Benefits of sustainable steel:
• Less energy consumption
• Reduces carbon emission
• Decreases carbon footprint
• Reduces cost
• Increase economic growth
• Increase marketability
Energy conservation in steelmaking is crucial to ensure our industry minimises environmental impacts, such as greenhouse gas emissions.
That is why we believe in sustainable steel, as it is a known fact that it saves energy through its endless recyclability and durability potential.
We believe that the Australian industry will benefit from Electric Arc Furnace (100% EAF) production with overall lower capital costs, lower operating costs & lower carbon emissions when compared to traditional iron making using Blast Furnace.
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